How it works

Contact your Credit Union or Member Direct Realty for Agent referral
Get loan Prequalified through your Credit Union
Go shopping and Buy or Sell your home
Receive a credit from your Realtor at closing
It’s EASY, it’s FREE

What does the member need to do to get started?

It’s simple. When the member is ready to buy/sell a house they need to call their credit union and let them know they are interested in participating in the Member Direct Realty program (or the member can call directly). The credit union will call Member Direct Realty, let them know they have an interested member, and our liason will contact the member to get information on their exact needs. After understanding what they want and the area where they are looking, Member Direct Realty will contact one of our agents and let them know of the referral and have them contact the member within 24 hours.

Does Member Direct Realty stay involved with the transaction?

Absolutely. Our team will consistently be in contact with both the agent and the member to make sure they are getting the service they expect. Even though the member is receiving a rebate, we expect all of our agents to give unsurpassed customer service and we will ensure they do so. If a member is unhappy in any way, they simply need to let us know and we will work to rectify the situation or get them a new agent, whichever they prefer. Get started today! If you are looking to buy or sell a house, call us today. The only thing you have to lose is the money we want to give you.